About 2010 Virtual Photowalk

The 2010 Virtual Photowalk is a photographic journey designed to inspire our creativity and develop our skills throughout the year.  In 2009 several of us particpated in a challenge to post what amounted to a photo a day – 365 photographs during the year.  Many of the participants wanted to carry on the sense of community and creative inspiration they found in the 365 Challenge and the 2010 Virtual Photowalk is the result of that.

All participants in the 2010 Virtual Photowalk are encouraged to maintain a blog and post photos as frequently as their schedules and desire allows while exploring their own photographic growth and path.

Each month we will be posting a new list of 15 themes for inspiration. Periodically, we will have some additional postings that go ‘Beyond Themes’ with inspiration more focused on technique, skills and process (think macro, black and white, etc.). You don’t need to use the Themes or Beyond Themes inspiration to participate in the Photowalk; they are there simply for inspiration if you wish to use them.

As part of this project we’ll be hosting discussion group too. Those joining a discussion group will be added to a group of about 12 -15 other bloggers, and encouraged to regularly visit the other bloggers in their group to leave comments. We’ll periodically rotate the group members so we all get to know each other and view new blogs.

For more information go to:  2010 Virtual Photowalk


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