260. Innocence

This Red Bellied Woodpecker (aka Woody Woodpecker) is maintaining her innocence, she swears she is not the culprit who is putting holes in my deck and bird house.  I’ll let the jury decide…innocent or guilty??


~ by Tammy on December 20, 2010.

24 Responses to “260. Innocence”

  1. She appears to be as innocent as you being forced to line up at a wine tasting. LOL

  2. Innocent of course! I think it’s a red-bellied woodpecker though…they’re my favorite!

    • You are right…I don’t know why I typed billed (guess I was looking at it when I typed lol) Thanks Madelaine!

  3. With a face like that, how could she be guilty?? 🙂 That’s a great shot! I have found woodpeckers really hard to shoot cause they are pretty shy. Good job!

  4. Awesome shot!!!

  5. oh..if the adults look at that photos it woul d be so nice…

  6. That is an amazing shot Tammy! I have never seen one of those before…beautiful!

  7. Wow, great shot, I haven’t seen one of these before.

  8. A fine shot indeed, she can blame it on sapsuckers…

  9. Beautiful bird and a very nice capture Tammy!

  10. M e thinks she doth protest too much! guilty! Great shot!!!

  11. This is absolutely fabulous Tammy! I can’t believe how close you are!

    I have a couple woodpecker photos that I’ve been holding onto but not sure if I like them enough to post. Now I’m thinking I better wait for a better try again….

  12. Looks as she screams out her innocence but I don’t know…..
    A very nice photo with wonderful closeness

  13. fantastic pic..that little face is so full of character & expression, it must be innocent!

  14. Good shot, but I vote for guilty. LOL!

  15. You know how criminals always return to the scene of the crime. Look where she’s standing! Beautiful photo!

  16. What a shot, Tammy. Awesome details. Looks like you were close enought to ask her personally if she put the holes in your deck.

  17. Be she’s got a good alibi!

  18. A perfect shot of a beautiful bird.
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

  19. She looks like she is defending her case pretty well! Great shot, Tam!!

  20. You refer to her as a she so she must be innocent! Yes….that was a joke!

  21. Great shot of the worst-named bird in the country. Red-bellied WP..should be red-oranged headed or any other name. Nice detail and colors in your shot!

  22. Innocent of course – look at that face! Very cute up close.

    Tree / deck, it’s all the same to me…

  23. Guilty! We have had problems with woodpeckers over the years. I like Woody but that is as far as it goes!

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