259. Soft

My poor Chloe….the things we do to her!


~ by Tammy on December 19, 2010.

22 Responses to “259. Soft”

  1. She is a big softie – patiently letting you “deck the dog” in holiday finery. Cute!

  2. I would say she looks a bit miffed besides being soft and cuddly.

  3. Oh my gosh … too cute. I like the composition of the 2nd photo best — all surrounded with glitz and shiny stuff and her face says, “Hope the gang doesn’t see this!” LOL!

  4. I think the song should be:
    “Deck the Dog with Bows of Jolly”
    That is no way to treat man’s Best Friend – Woman! LOL Poor Pooch.

  5. LMAO! The look on her face is priceless! So cute!

  6. Poor Chloe! The second photo could be captioned, “I wish I was a cat.” I do love her expression.

  7. Chloe looks a wee bit miffed, lol. She’s cute though!

  8. Tammy – This is beyond precious!

  9. Oh so sweet! But…is it possible that she is ashamed ;)She doesn´t look too happy.

  10. It looks soft on the image. Good portraits.

  11. She doesn´t look that happy. Maybe she got a juicy bone after the photosession to get her happy again. 🙂
    Really lovely pictures.

  12. She does look so soft and fluffy! I love her eyes. She does look like she suffers so! LOL

  13. *lol* How cute she is!

  14. She looks like a real queen in that first shot!

  15. beautiful shots, although she doesn’t look too impressed.

  16. I hope and so does the Chloe here that there was bacon after the shoot! Sweet shots

  17. This is super cute. She doesn’t look too unhappy. She looks like she might be enjoying herself.

  18. What a cutie..friends just got two of these little guys, sisters. Beautiful little pets

  19. Awww, how very cute. Festive model you have there!

  20. What cute photos! Love the colors surrounding the cutie!

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