254. Far From Home

I am always jealous of all of your lighthouse pictures….unfortunately, there are no lighthouses on  sandpits here in Omaha!  lol    I would normally have to go very far from home to get a lighthouse pic, but yesterday I had my chance….who cares if it was made of gingerbread and candy!


~ by Tammy on December 15, 2010.

15 Responses to “254. Far From Home”

  1. LOL you go girl! A lighthouse is a lighthouse, right? Whoever made this is way more talented than I am. Great capture. Oh, and by the way…I found Mike Attanasio’s blog through yours and I have been in awe all day 🙂 Thank you for sharing his info!

  2. Did you make this Tammy? It is absolutely a work of art!! Just gorgeous!

    • Oh I wish I were that talented Lisa, but no way…we went to a Christmas gingerbread house display and wow, were there some wonderful creations!

  3. So that’s where you Live Glenda? Run Hansel, Run Gretel, don’t run towards the light, just Run Away Run Away!

  4. That looks so great. Where is the seagull stuff?

  5. Very cute! You really are capturing the essence of these!

  6. It is so wonderful. The exposure is perfect. I love that light in the belfry.

  7. Delicious shot. 🙂

  8. I especially love the bright middle light. Lighthouses in any incarnation are so evocative of being taken care of.

  9. a very nice lighthouse even though it’s not an outside one.
    What a great work to do a thing like that!

  10. Love the gingerbread lighthouse. Your image is enchanting. The golden glow light just perfect.

  11. Amazing that someone could have the patience to build it. It is wonderful detail and your photo shows it off well.

  12. That’s one awesome lighthouse!!! Loves it!

  13. I certainly wouldn’t care! What a creative gingerbread house -Beautifully executed!

  14. Very nicely done!

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