250. Macro Monday: Dried Up Rose

I took this picture this morning, even after a blizzard, freezing cold temps, and snow, this dried up rose is still sporting some life and color.  I love how roses never fade and always show their inner beauty!

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~ by Tammy on December 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “250. Macro Monday: Dried Up Rose”

  1. Very lovely.

  2. Must look very nice in white snow !

  3. It´s looks very real. Nice color and contrast.

  4. I love anything in transition…beautiful capture!

  5. Everything about this is just gorgeous Tammy!

  6. Lovely details of this dried rose – it withstood so much and is still beautiful.

  7. Hard to kill ain’t it!

  8. Lovely shot and a still beautiful rose.

  9. Amazing there’s still some color left. 🙂

  10. I love that picture. There is often so much beauty in decay, and never more so than in a dried rose!

  11. Lovely colours!

  12. Beauty in the waning is so striking.People pay big bucks for dried roses, freeze dried maybe more…

  13. Call me weird, but I have always thought dead flowers to be beautiful, as you show here.

  14. The combination of the weathered texture and teh muted colors makes for an unusual beauty.

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