249. Dried

Today was like a heat wave here in Nebraska…50+ degrees and gorgeous!  I made it outside and noticed I had not trimmed down my rose bushes yet….I couldn’t believe there was still some color in this dried up rose.   I added some textures from Shadowhouse  Collections and also used some topaz to spice the picture up a bit.

Back to freezing temperatures, sleet, snow and rain tomorrow….ugh!  Nebraska’s weather is the best….HA!


~ by Tammy on December 10, 2010.

17 Responses to “249. Dried”

  1. So glad that someone else likes these. I think withered roses are my absolute favorite subjects to photograph, and you have captured this one so beautifully! Just gorgeous!
    Have a fine weekend Tammy!


  2. Whithered, I know how it feels, wish I still had my colour!

  3. Nice piece of art Tammy. I don’t know…Doris and you are really great at this stuff!

  4. *applause* Someday you’ll have to share what textures and what effects you used. Really a great finished piece of art.

  5. Love how this turned out. Send us that 50 degree day, please; we have blizzard warnings in place for the weekend, too. Ugh!

  6. Beutiful! It looks like something that could easy be a really great photowall or something like that!

  7. That really turned out great Tammy. Enjoy the one day heat wave.

  8. Wow!!! Fantastic photo! I love this 🙂

  9. I love the processing you used on this! One day I hope to be half as creative as you 🙂

  10. What a wonderful image. So fragile looking. Beautiful.

  11. Your processing makes this look Victorian.

  12. So beautiful – I love the texture and the processing. I find flowers in stages of decay very interesting and poignant.

  13. Agreed … the processing works beautifully on the image.

  14. Just like us. We will all look like a rose…that is not at it’s prime. But the inner beauty will alway shine through.

  15. beautiful image, the processing and texture work really well, and I’m pleased to hear that you had a break from the cold weather.

  16. Dried up or not it’s very attractive. I love the muted colours and your processing. Very, very nice!

  17. This is exactly why I decided to upgrade my Photoshop Elements to the latest release… this is fabulous post processing! And a great idea to begin with. I just need TIME!

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