247. Macro Monday: Poinsettia


~ by Tammy on December 6, 2010.

18 Responses to “247. Macro Monday: Poinsettia”

  1. beautiful shot, the color looks fantastic!!

  2. Very pretty and so seasonal!

  3. Quick go back and do it again, but with one snowflake on a leaf. Only improvement I can think of. Wonderful.

  4. What a stunning shot Tammy!
    The detail is fantastic.

  5. Great shot, especially with those dreaded yellows that often blow out a photo.

  6. Wow I love how deep red is this poinsettia. Great shot!


  7. Beautiful!!

  8. Beautiful, rich colors. And wonderful detail also.

  9. OK, I have a confession to make: pointsettias creep me out. Someting about those yellow eye things (or maybe they remind me of the poison shooting plants in the Star Trek episode “The Apple.”) But you’ve made them seem a little less threatening!

    • lol I will never see poinsettias in the same light again! But I have to admit, they do kinda look like hungry aliens! 🙂

  10. This just makes me happy! Great shot.

  11. It’s beautiful! I always kill them – oops! :0)

  12. Wonderful macro! Poinsettia is a typical Christmasflower in Sweden.

  13. Love this macro version of the poinsettia! Lovely color and clarity.

  14. Stunning details. A fabulous shot.

  15. Lovely shots of the poinsettia and the poinsettia tree. I haven’t had any luck having these in the house so just admire them from a distance.

  16. What a lovely macro! The colors are dazzling.

  17. I find this macro more compelling than the whole tree. So sharp and curvy, too.

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