246. Festive

This is the time of year once again for Lauritzen Gardens to feature their poinsettia show.  Once again they had their poinsettia tree but this year they had trains running all over the place, the trains were on the ground and up above, just everywhere you looked.   The display was as festive as ever!

There was even a tunnel through the tree, the kids were squawking in joy!


~ by Tammy on December 5, 2010.

15 Responses to “246. Festive”

  1. Oh my Tammy, this is just gorgeous! I’ve never seen anything like it. Lucky you to have been able to photograph it.

  2. That is very similar to the display at the Krohn Conservatory here in Cincinnati. I hope to get there in the next couple of weeks! These photos are just gorgeous!

  3. That’s beautiful!

  4. I have to admit, looking at these and knowing I don’t have to put up anymore xmas lights….I’m in a festive mood.

  5. That sure is a LOT of poinsettias!

  6. Must take a long time to train Poinsettias, Do they use a whipp and chair, or just bribery.

  7. This is very cool! Love the bridge into the “tree”.

  8. Wow. Looks cool! 🙂

  9. That is beautiful.

  10. That is really awesome! You have the coolest stuff out there! It’s certainly changing my view of the midwest!!

  11. *wow and wow again* What an amazing creation!

  12. How beautiful! That must have been hard to catch the whole tree! Great color and very festive.

  13. I have not seen many poinsettia trees but I love them! Very pretty!

  14. That’s a beautiful display. The trains make it very interesting, also.

  15. Beautiful shots! Nothing says the holidays like poinsettias and trains!

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