243. Warmth

You would think with a sunrise like this it would be a warm (or hot) day…wishful thinking!


~ by Tammy on November 30, 2010.

19 Responses to “243. Warmth”

  1. It is a really beutiful picture, and oh so I would long for a warm sunny day. Instead we have about 20 minus (c) and it´s really freezing outside…

  2. Does it count that it made me all warm when I saw it? It certainly is beautiful!

  3. Wooooow!

  4. A glass of wine a stretch of water and a setting Sun, that will always colour your cheeks, one way or other.

  5. Beautiful!!

  6. Wonderful shot…as are all of the ones below. I love the one of your red bush….so beautiful!

  7. it looks beautiful!

  8. I hate the winter but love this shot….any others in landscape?

  9. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful sunrise. I see it’s snowing here at your place. We got our first snow today. Not much just a dusting. Have a great day!


  10. wow!!!! Tis is wonderful!!!!! Well done

  11. Some of the most beautiful color, I’ve seen in a long time! Just gorgeous!
    Loving the “snowfall” here on your blog!

    Have a great day Tammy!


  12. Glorious!!

  13. It does look like a bright, warm start to a morning! Love the idea of warmth in this photo.

  14. What I like aoubt thisis the number of distinct layers, each with different colors/textures. They keep the eye engaged.

  15. I’ve already forgotten what warmth looks like – very pretty!

  16. Beautiful. I love the reflection in the water.

  17. The colors are gorgeous! Love the reflection in the water.

  18. a wonderful sunrise but unfortunately those strong colors comes with cold weather (over here anyway)
    we will just have to keep this strong warm color inside 🙂

  19. That sky is just beautiful and so warm looking. We have to cling to something during our cold winters….

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