242. Insignificant

Most people never take the time to notice the little insignificant daily sights, but this photo walk  has taught me to look for them…


~ by Tammy on November 30, 2010.

10 Responses to “242. Insignificant”

  1. Is that leaf frozen in that water? Wow! Pretty cool!

  2. See what happens when you come OFF the sauce, you feel all Flat, Frozen and rigid, have a drink and bring the colour back into your cheeks. LOL At least your eyes are open.

  3. I love simple things, and this makes for a lovely photo! I really like the muted colors as well. Nice take on the theme.

  4. Great for the theme but your resulting image is hardly insignificant – love this!

  5. That’s what I’ve learned as well (plus, don’t be embarrased standing there taking pictures of the ground in the parking lot…)

  6. What a pretty picture.

  7. This is one of my favorite images so far. I think that having a photo blog has sharpened my senses so much. I walk around looking for beautiful things.

  8. Pretty cool! I guess that is what this photowalk is all about – seeing the world around us!

  9. I totally agree with what you wrote, I look around in a totally different way than before and if you ask my friends some of them don’t know what and why I take some photos… 😉
    this one is a great example !

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