240. Macro Monday: Icicles

Last week my hard drive crashed so I have been MIA for the past few days.  I am very thankful for my computer guru husband who built me a new computer!   We also headed off to North Platte for the holiday weekend.  Although it got up in the 50’s during the day, the nights were awful frigid….every morning the lake was frozen and there were tons of icicles. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!   Hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving and a fun holiday weekend!

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~ by Tammy on November 29, 2010.

28 Responses to “240. Macro Monday: Icicles”

  1. great angle and icicles can be a very nice photoobject. still strong wind here and teh snow has increased in the evening….going to be another cold night, way to cold for the season if you ask me 😉

  2. Sorry you have the cold but this looks so homy like we have. I like it is sharp and soft at same time. Very good shot.

  3. This is a fantastic shot Tammy! Sorry about your computer, but glad you’re back up and running. 🙂

  4. fantastic shots…I love ice and snow pictures.

  5. Fantastic photo of the icicles… love the angled composition too…

  6. Amazing capture! And I hope you’re back up and running soon – I would hate that!

  7. Did the galeforce winds make them grow at that angle, come to Oz, the icicles would melt in minutes, Good news about your husband spoiling you again. When he built it did it need a cold Boot?

  8. I love this very unique shot of the dreaded icicle. Sorry to hear about your your computer – glad you are back up and running!!

  9. Gorgeous tones and bokeh. Very dramatic shot.

  10. Nice shot for the clarity and the bokeh, but the angle makes it a great shot!

  11. Wow! This is gorgeous Tammy!
    And that super husband? Yup, he’s a keeper!!!
    Glad everything is fixed for you.

  12. An amazing capture! Great eye for a unique composition and subject. Well done.

  13. Fascinating (and fierce! Those icicles look threatening.) The angle adds to the unsettling feeling. The blue-grey makes one shiver. And then there’s the contrast between those sharp tooth-like icicles and the soft circles in the background.

  14. Just a wonderful eye for this macro. Truly beautiful and I love how you angled it.

  15. an artistic shot, dear

  16. Fantastic photo! I like the angle and the soft background.

  17. I love that shot! The angle you’ve used makes it look like an abstract, and somehow, not half as cold!

  18. This image blows me away, fantastic!!!!

  19. Great comp! Really like the way the icicles stand out against a softer background. Glad you’re up and running again.

  20. Icicles are always beautiful, unfortunately they need very cold weather. Maybe with the global warming we will get summer icicles ? lol !

  21. Wow..they look like metal spears..Stunning photos!

  22. Love the Dutch angle on this image! My desktop computer has indigestion right now, so I am not able to upload my photos to the internet right now. Thank goodness, my husband is doctoring it up right now.

  23. Fantastic capture! I like the clarity, the lighting and the glittery background.

  24. Love this one, Tammy! I particularly love the perspective, color and bokay that all combine to make a great composition.

  25. My new favourite! I think this is stunning – love the abstract feel you captured with the lines of the icicles and that wonderful bokeh. I do believe macro is your niche!

  26. I love the perspective on this! Avery creative way to shoot icicles!

  27. This is such a wonderful shot, Tammy. And it goes rather nicely with the snow that’s falling on your blog now! 😉 I love the cold tones you used in processing….

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