238. Numbered

It is a week away from Thanksgiving and look at this burning red bush…absolutely stunning!  Most of our leaves here in Nebraska have fallen…but someone forgot to tell this bush to go to sleep!  I definitely think it’s days are numbered (but I will enjoy it until it figures it out)!


~ by Tammy on November 19, 2010.

17 Responses to “238. Numbered”

  1. WOW! Fantastic colour! It looks much better than snowy white 🙂
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Just amazing, Tammy! Wow.

  3. I would take that gorgeous color as long as i could! So beautiful. Especially nice after everything else is kind of brown and grey.

    Have a great weekend Tammy!


  4. Stunning Colours – Ah Baby – You know what I like! (Apologies to the Big Bopper)

  5. We have a tree just like this outside of our office – I love when it turns this shade of red.

  6. Love the red of the burning bush….nice capture.

  7. I really like the angle on this image. It is a very interesting photo.

  8. lovely shot and lovely perspective!

  9. Great colorful shot of the burning bush.

  10. Wonderfully beautiful! I was amazed at how our burning bush thing kept its leaves much longer than the trees – but they are gone now too.

  11. Wow, what glorious color! Fall is definitely here.

  12. Wow!!! Lovely tree with stunning colours. All I can see outside my window today is SNOW falling in large flakes 😦 the dogs will love it, but I think it is too soon.

  13. i like the perspective and composition..The contraste between the tree and the leaves is simply marvelous.
    nice day

  14. It is a lovely view point you have chosen. The colour is amazing!

  15. These are so beautiful with a low sun behind them.

  16. What great color! It is hard to believe that the trees were so full of color just a short time ago!

  17. Very fine perspective and fabulous color! I imagine the leaves are gone now. Trying to catch up, you’ve been taking some great photos.

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