“J” is for…

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~ by Tammy on November 14, 2010.

15 Responses to ““J” is for…”

  1. Your jellyfish photo is awesome!

  2. I heart jelly fish so much and this photo is awesome! Love the jaguar as well, he’s so majestic looking!

  3. Jest for a “Joke” why don’t you “Jump” with the Jelly and the Jag? LOL

  4. I’d love to throw my arms around that beautiful Jaguar – such a wondrous cat! Beautiful images Tammy.

  5. Love the jaguar – beautiful image. Great job on the jellyfish – not so crazy about them!

  6. Your J photos are just really brilliant. love the blue jelly fish

  7. Aren’t jellyfish so cool! I can watch them for ages!

  8. Both are great for “J” but I really love the one of the jelly fish.

    Erika B

  9. love that jellyfish photo

  10. I like that you are still working on the alphabet (somehow I forgot to do I… and now J is up!). I also like how you have gone the extra bit by doing such interesting graphics for each.

  11. if I had my camera with me last week I could have had a picture of a stuffed jaguar in Cabelas sporting goods store… horrible isn’t it?!! Love your jellyfish capture!

  12. so beautiful!

  13. Love the jellyfish shot!

  14. Love the Jag, not too fond of the jellies but good photo.

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