236. Desire

You can just see in this fishing cat’s eyes his desire to hunt and fish….


~ by Tammy on November 14, 2010.

20 Responses to “236. Desire”

  1. like your animal pictures ever more. The cat’s eye is well pleasing to the theme.

  2. Beautiful cat! The catchlights in the eyes and the light on his face are amazing.

  3. I have seen a Doco, on these wonderful Feline Fishers. They are so agile and imaginative. Mind you the hawk that tried to steal their catch, soon went looking for easier Pickings, I wouldn’t try taking the fish away from that one. Gorgeous!

  4. sharpeyed and alert, a great portrait

  5. Beautiful animal, love the spots on his legs.

  6. That is for sure, but such a beautiful creature. Wonderful shot!

  7. Again you have made such a fantastic portrait! Those eyes are amazing.

  8. Hi Tammy,
    He’s very pretty. He looks like he’s intently waiting and watching. Have a great day!


  9. I can see that – but he also looks wary. Nice capture!

  10. Love the look on its face, great image Tammy!!

  11. Great shot! Hope he did not pounce on you!!

  12. I wold NOT want to be on the other side of this cat’s gaze: one can just sense the predatory instinct and the tension of the muscles readying to pounce.

  13. great portrait…like a lion…

  14. Ohh, would not like to meet this one on a dark night 🙂 great portait shot.

  15. Your animal photos continue to blow me away. Another well done portrait!

  16. Oh! This is poster perfect for the theme. Love the way those eyes are studying something he wants. Such pretty fur.

  17. Great shot, love all the detail in this one.

  18. I love the expression that you caught in this one, Tammy! So focused and intense.

  19. A wonderful take on the cat fishing – and a macro shot seems to particularly
    accentuate its posture!

  20. Great job in capturing the expression! The eyes are so expressive!

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