234. Comfort

Last night we had our first snowfall….5″ of the white stuff was covering the ground when I woke up this morning.Β  Thank goodness the temps hit the low 40’s and all of the snow melted…it gave me comfort knowing that the colors of Autumn was still intact this afternoon, even if it is for just a few more days!

The texture I used is from Shadowhouse Creations



~ by Tammy on November 13, 2010.

21 Responses to “234. Comfort”

  1. Will you still feel the comfort when the wind swept plains of Nebraska are covered in30″ of that lovely white stuff, I will think of you all Summer, which looks like it will be HHOOTT if Spring is anything to go by!

  2. Love what you did with this! Very creative. Sorry you’ve had the white stuff already. We’ve just had a couple of mild days(tho not in the 70s) Like the calm before the storm. :(.

  3. Beautiful image Tammy. Your comments about snow make me very happy to have all the rain we’ve had the last few days. It’s terrible for taking photos, but at least it doesn’t need to be shoveled.

  4. Love that texture!

  5. This is gorgeous! As for the snow, I’m glad it is you and not me! πŸ™‚

  6. Really it came and it left? That’s sad. 😦 Once it comes here it will stay. :0) We might see some tomorrow. :0) I LOVE this photo!!!

  7. I woke up this morning thinking that it was kind of cold in our house, and discovered that it is 20 degress (C) cold outside, I think that would be like 70 or something like that in fahrenheit… So I have had to turn our elements on a little bit higher and the day will be spent under a blanket reading a book. πŸ™‚

  8. Love the processing on this, but SO SAD to read the post. Snow?? 5 inches?? Ugh!!

  9. This is outstanding, it should be published!

  10. Surprised you beat us with the snow – ours came just today but it’s here to stay.

    Love the tones of these and the post-processing with texture.

  11. Such warm tones,comforting indeed. Ick on the snow, glad it went away.

  12. I love how you composed this. The colors are great and the texture is perfect.

  13. Fantastic poster for autumn! The soft-yet-grungy lettering work perfectly for the decay of autumn. (PS I do NOT envy you all that snow! I thought half and inch in November was bad!)

  14. teh first?We are into the snow in Sweden…nice shot, dearest

  15. Outstanding job on this… and more cudos for how you have added graphics that enhance rather than detract from the photo. You do convey a sense of comfort. (Sorry to hear that you have snow already.)

  16. Beautiful! I love this!

  17. gosh snow already! rather you than me πŸ™‚
    lovely leaf shot and texture work πŸ™‚

  18. Awesome processing! Colors are stunning and the texture really works with the image!

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