233. See the Light

Last night in our little suburb of Papillion, a relatively low crime area, a 13 year old boy was fatally shot in his home.  This saddens me on many levels!  First of all, if this is happening in Papillion, it is happening everywhere.  It concerns me that our youth are so insensitive to life and how precious it is.  What is happening to our youth to make them act out in such violent outbursts?  We all need to take a stand against youth violence and bring back the old values of right and wrong!  When will our youth finally see the light?

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Lorenzo’s family and friends, RIP Lorenzo!


~ by Tammy on November 13, 2010.

15 Responses to “233. See the Light”

  1. How sad to read, and a great tragedy for those who has lost a familymember or friend. And tragic for all those around as well. I will light my candle for love, peace and understanding all around the world tonight!

  2. Everywhere, Alas!

  3. Amen Tammy.

  4. So very sad. 😦

  5. What a terrible tragedy. So sorry for all of you….

  6. This makes me sad -violence and drug abuse is way too rampant right now…where did we go wrong?

    • That is what I am wondering…values had to change to have the gang problems we have! Apparently, some gang members just walked into his house and shot him (and ended up shooting the wrong kid)…Lorenzo was a fun loving 13 year old who has never been in any type of trouble.

  7. That is so tragic and sad to hear. Sending prayers.

  8. You ask the valid question – what is wrong??? I shake my head over incidents like this – so, so sad. You’ve posted a lovely image with this tragic tale.

  9. wonderful color and shapes on the sky, looks like watercolor

  10. Touching sentiment in your image Tammy.

    I’m too often heartsick at what I hear on the news, especially when it concerns our children.

  11. How infinately sad, I sure don’t know the answer to your question. A lovely sky…

  12. It is sad beyond words. In a city in Connecticut a few years ago, a teenage boy (I think he was till a teenager at the time), killed a younger boy because he wanted to know how it felt to kill someone. I wish I new why.

  13. Life has changed, I wish we could say it isn’t so. The time of quiet and peace seems to have left us and I too don’t know why or how? My heart goes out to you, the family and your community.

  14. What a tragedy! As you know, we’ve been dealing with the loss of a 14 year old illed in a skateboarding accident. Life an be so fragile–we need to honor every moment and always live in love.

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