227. Retro

One of four one room schoolhouses which are left in Nebraska….none are in current use.  Can you imagine our kids having to run outside to use the outhouse??


~ by Tammy on November 7, 2010.

18 Responses to “227. Retro”

  1. Yes what a difference a century (and probably a few more years) makes! The detail in the wood shows very well.

  2. I just finished a novel (“Years”, by LaVryl Spencer) set in 1917 North Dakota. She was a teacher in a one-room schoolhouse. One of her jobs was to get to school early enough (after a mile walk) to stoke the wood stove. Can you imagine? If my lab assistants don’t get my 24 computers booted up, I get behind. I would not have made it back in the day!!

  3. I can see the “Dubce’s” seat in the corner, but where is the cane for discipline. Great Memories. (We never had a fire though.

  4. Very cool little piece of history but so glad our kids don’t have to run out in the cold to diddle.

  5. Love the maps and all the old detail. Am I reading the board correctly the the last class there was in 1966??

    Can you imagine the lawsuits if one of today’s little darlings touched the hot stove in the middle of the room??

    Congrats on your boys honor roll achievement.

  6. Amazing wooden desks. That stove in the middle of the room with that long, looming pipe out to the front of the room slays me!

  7. Wow, this is incredible to see. The school I used to teach at had a one-room schoolhouse that is now the school’s auditorium. The school was built around that one room and it has old photos of students in the class when it was in use.

  8. My Nana taught in a one-room school house when she first became a teacher in Western Massachusetts. She was forced to quit teaching soon after she was married and was pregnant with her first child (my dad) in 1935. They would not let a pregnant woman teach! She went back to teaching later… but as I understand it, she had a few legal issues by the time she retired because she stilled believed in hitting kids hands with a ruler, which by the 1970s was a big no-no.

    Anyway… you did a great job caputuring all the interesting details of this schoolroom. I like how the desks line up with the floorboards, all facing the teacher. I also like the nostalgia of the photo… and the way it makes it you think about our current world.

    • I am so glad we don’t live in those days, Judi….can you imagine not working because you are pregnant?? Think of how much our country has changed, even in the last 30 years!

  9. This really is so neat! It actually looks like its been maintained quite well. Wonderful shot!

  10. Very fine detail you captured! How fun that it is preserved. That dinky wood stove looks like it would have a work out in a Neb. winter.

  11. And yet, if you read books like Laura Ingalls Wilders’ series, you find out that the kids in these school houses got a good solid education and may have been more literate than kids being taught in today’s schools with all the bells and whistles.

  12. While I would not have liked to have lived back then, it would be really cool if we could go back in time and “observe”. Thanks for sharing this photo. Hopefully at least one will survive at a remembrance of time past.

    My son would be better at using an outhouse then my daughter!

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