217. Prosperity

While in Yankton, SD a few weekends back I went out and explored the town while everyone else watched football.  In the late 1800’s the town of Yankton used to be a military fort.  I stumbled upon a street where all of the Generals built their homes in the late 1800’s.   Many of the homes are owner occupied but still have a sign in the front yard indicating the year they were built and what General built them.  This particular home is not owner occupied, but instead used as a home to tour.  The tours had already shut down for the season.  These homes were probably quite something in their day (they are still quite something)….I love the Victorian style and colors!


~ by Tammy on October 29, 2010.

18 Responses to “217. Prosperity”

  1. Wow – I just love this! It reminds me of our visit with Grant in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

  2. Love these old Victorian homes. Nice colors on this beauty!

  3. I like these old homes when they have been restored to their former beauty. There is a town on the northern California coastal area that we visited a while back….Ferndale. It is noted as the best preserved Victorian village in California’s redwoods area. I wish I had my DSLR camera then! I guess we will just have to go back again….

  4. I just love when old Victorians are painted true to their style. This is a gorgeous one, and you have captured it beautifully!

  5. Cute house! but Victorian Colours, are you for real?? LOL

  6. Reminds me of some of the homes in Cape May, NJ.

  7. Hi Tammy,
    That is a beautiful house! I’ve always wanted to live in on like that. Love the colors of the house. Have a great day!


  8. That house is amazing! Like a real life dollhouse. Great photo Tammy!

  9. I love Victorians in fancy colors too. This one is delightful!

  10. Amazing house, looks like something from a fairytale or perphaps Pippi Longstockings house. Love it!

  11. That is a beautiful home! The colors are exquisite! Just glad I don’t have to clean all those windows.

  12. A great way to pass the time, I gave up watching football and now lay in wait for the hummers to show up. LOL

  13. Wow, a picture-perfect step back into time. Love that white picket fence!

  14. looks like it’s very well looked after, Interesting patterns and coloring. Bet it looks great inside.

  15. We think of the Victorians as being rather staid; but they did go in for unusual and often very striking color combinations!

  16. Me too! I would love to live in something like that.

  17. Great colors, it is odd to know what the original paints were. Sad too that it was the lead that held the color so well. Who knew that it was an army town. Isn’t it where the famous Guerney Seeds is from? Tomato trees and almost lurid descriptions of other veggies is what I remember from the catalog.

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