213. Creative Exchange Week 5: Dundee Colors

This week I went out with my camera to capture some of the colors of Fall…it has been windy all week so my pictures all had a slight blur to them.  To correct the blur, I decided to change my picture into a painting using Corel Painter Essentials 4.   I used the seurat painting filter and then touched it up in PSE9.

I also tried correcting the blur by using the topaz filter – spicify – and then I lowered the opacity on that layer a bit…

What other techniques do you guys use to correct slight camera blur??  To see more creative entries or to join in on the creative fun head on over to Lisa’s White Cotton Tee!




~ by Tammy on October 26, 2010.

18 Responses to “213. Creative Exchange Week 5: Dundee Colors”

  1. I love the first one in particular – the colours are so pretty.

  2. Tammy – This is just beautiful!. The gorgeous colors your fixes introduced into the photograph are amazing. It even made the house look more “vintagy.” Love what you did with this.

    Thank you for sharing it this week at The Creative Exchange.


  3. Love the painted look of the top photo! Very clover ideas!!

  4. LOL I meant “clever” ideas!!

  5. It does look like a painting – amazing! Unfortunately, I don’t have any ideas how to deal with blurred photos, but definitely like what you did!

  6. So lovely–the colors are amazing! Love what you did to it!

  7. Ah Madam Monet! I’ll tell you in six months!

  8. The lower one really turned out great. Nice save!

  9. Both really nice, but I prefer the bottom one. There’s something of a pen and water color feeling about it.

  10. Beautiful photo and comp!! But, I do prefer the second one. Absolutely stunning. As far as camera blur, the delete key works for me. 🙂

  11. I like the way the paint effect both brightened the image and softened the lines of the house. This effect really makes for a more interesting fall foliage scene.

    I deal with my “blur” by waiting for a theme and then choosing my best blur. He-he.

  12. I think you’ve given me ideas for correcting slight blur, normally I just pitch them, actually I keep them for myself but never share them, lol. I think I like the painting version best, although I like the second version too. Great colors! We’ve been really windy as well!

  13. Lovely images with fantastic colours and effects.

  14. the first one looks like a watercolor and how bright the colors are! the second one looks more like my ordinary sooc-shots showing nice fall weather

  15. Amazing colours in these two photos!! The first one looks like a painting.

  16. The top picture is beautiful and a clever way to save a picture.

  17. Great job on this Tammy! Sometimes the Essentials 3 clarity filter will help if slightly out focus, you can also play with Topaz de-noise.

  18. I haven`t tried this but thought I would share


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