211. Seasonal

This seasonal business was closed for the winter but it’s bright colors still called me into the parking lot!  I had fun playing w/ some topaz filters on these!


~ by Tammy on October 21, 2010.

15 Responses to “211. Seasonal”

  1. You made those colours up, right?

  2. How could you not stop and capture these colors and shapes?! I always admire when people can paint a building this way. They must have some great imagination and color sense. And I like what you’ve done to show it off.

  3. It makes me sad when things start closing for the season. Love the vibrant colors – and the name, lol!

  4. Great shots, and really cool colors!

  5. Looks like some of the buildings in Key West, FL. Very fun!!

  6. Hi Tammy,
    I love the colors on this building. So bright. Have a great day!


  7. Great colors!! Vacation homes are so often nice and cheery. Love your processing also.

  8. The colors here are fabulous. I love the topaz filters on these photos.

  9. Great tropical feeling colors, I especially love what the filters did to the reflections in the windows. Pull this out in the dead of winter!

  10. gosh that is colourful!

  11. Great colors!

  12. What wonderful colors!! And I love the reflections in the windows of the first one!! Fun shots.

  13. What spunky colors! It reminds me of something that would be seen along the Atlantic shore in the touristy beach towns.

  14. never seen such strong colors in combination on houses, interesting. guess your filter did some tricks to your shots to 😉

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