210. Weathered

While the boys fished, I drove around Yankton and it’s surrounding areas looking for cool pics.  I came across this old weathered barn and fell in love with all of it’s character and the colored grasses leading up to the barn.


~ by Tammy on October 20, 2010.

11 Responses to “210. Weathered”

  1. This is great. I love the fact that you captured the tractor in it. It adds to the charm of the photograph.

  2. It really has everything you want, the colour the angles, texture and situation are a treat for the eye!

  3. Nice Job! I love this one Tammy? Barns are one of my favorite things to capture.

  4. Wonderful! Old country barns are great!

  5. interesting bright sky.
    nice day, sweetheart

  6. I can cerainly see why. Such rich colors and textures! Wonderful.

  7. It charming! Bet it would be a great house! Am I weird? I always look at old barns and think about what great houses they would make, lol.

  8. Gorgeous colors, a really beautiful photo.

  9. The colors in the grasses really set off this cool barn, just beautiful and a fantastic image.

  10. Great photo of a barn. Nice composition.

  11. I love the angle you shot from. The grasses add a fall touch to the photo, too! Wonderful barn.

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