208. Real Life

All of the boys caught some big fish, but in real life, not all of them were big, the fish ranged from this size:

To this size:

Here are a few more of the fish they caught:


Barbara (Bobbie)  asked what a paddlefish (or spoonbill) was….more info can be found here:  Paddlefish

And finally, the last of my fishy pictures….a guy not in our fishing party caught this paddlefish….from tail to the end of his snout he was 46.5″ and weighed 54 lbs.  When he was pulling this fish in it looked like he was going to fall into the lake!

All of these pics were taken w/ my little kodak sport video camera…not the best pictures in the world but I think you get the idea.


~ by Tammy on October 19, 2010.

14 Responses to “208. Real Life”

  1. Ah, yhe ones that didn’t get away!

  2. Holy catfish, Batman!! Those are some scary looking fishies!!

  3. Thanks for the link to learn about paddlefish. I thought your guys were going on the equivalent of a snipe hunt! 😉 We New Englanders had never heard of them.

  4. Would not have wanted to fight that big guy!!
    Fantastic shots.

  5. Those are some awesome fish…..well most of them anyway:)

  6. I like this series of photos! Really captures the event well… and everyone looks like they are having fun.

  7. What a fun series, I know I’ve had the roe before. Such primitive looking creatures.

  8. My boy would be happy with even that little fish and he’d be OVER THE MOON if he ever caught something as big as the one in that final shot! 😉

  9. This magnificent fish looks pre-historic like the sturgeon. It’s a shame that that dams and overfishing has threatened their status in many places in the US. I assume that these were caught in an area where they are in abundance.

  10. Wow! Impressive! I’ve only caught little bitty ones like in the first photo. 🙂

  11. Great pictures of a wonderful family time.

  12. We’re walleye country up here and your fish are amazing me – not seen anything like them! Looks like fun was had by all, no matter the size.

  13. What a great fish story!

  14. What a time you must have had! I have never seen nor heard of a paddlefish. Thanks for sharing your photos of the day fishing!

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