207. “F” is for…

I am glad I had an extra week to get my “F”s done….I am falling behind!   “F” is for…



and finally,  a Fuchsia colored Flower

To join in on the Alphabet fun head on over to Barb’s blog for details.


~ by Tammy on October 18, 2010.

7 Responses to “207. “F” is for…”

  1. “F” is for smelly things, and if you say elsewise, I would consider that “F”ishy!

  2. youuesed most of the F words I could think about right now so I might catch up next week when it’s G 😉

  3. I should probably catch up since I posted G today but never posted F. Your photos are fantastic!

  4. Wonderful shots! The fuchsia and green is just an amazing color combination!

  5. I can’t believe how well you captured that fly — you made the peskly thing look pretty! And having the Fuscia Flower with the Fly… very cool. Which brings me to your third photo… I really like the flower is leaning into the light and the shadow from the pistil (or whatever that is called!) And finally, the monochrome fog photo seems like it should be the center of journalism piece. On what, I don’t know, but someone could think of something!

  6. Wonderful F shots, they are all so spectacular.

  7. A very gorgeous photo. This needs to be framed!!! Great isolation.

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