203. Macro Monday: Say Cheese…


~ by Tammy on October 11, 2010.

26 Responses to “203. Macro Monday: Say Cheese…”

  1. a great macro
    scary eyes!

  2. Looks just like an alien to me 😉

  3. Wow – look at the detail! Great macro.

  4. What an amazing shot!

  5. Great portrait!
    Thanks for the visit!

  6. Pretty good but I reckon mine in the inspiration post was bigger, LOL Good to see that you still not too proud to steal someone else’s ideas.

  7. Haha, that’s funny. I am loving getting some close ups of some bugs too – I never would have even gotten that close to them before had I not had my camera!

  8. I love how he’s looking into the camera! Great details.

  9. great catch and the title is perfect 🙂

  10. When I was a child I loved these guys, now I would squeal if he jumped on me – and he looks ready to jump! hope all is well there!

  11. I like that you captured this guy head on!

  12. Those look like some great leaf-chomping jaws.

  13. 🙂 Great capture!

  14. oh this is awesome, look at this guys face 🙂

  15. Ewww looks like he is staring at me hahaha! Happy weekdays ahead!
    Macro Monday

  16. He’s actually got an engaging smile! Great composition.

  17. Looks like he wants to say something….maybe something like “who you lookin at”

  18. Mike is right it does seem a bit put out. Great shot

  19. Now, that’s what I call a close up! You must have been right down on the ground with him.

  20. What a great shot! 🙂

  21. Tammy that’s a super capture! Aren’t macros wonderful?

  22. Thanks for the laugh – this is too cute with him looking straight at us – and who thought a grasshopper could be this cute! Great capture!

  23. wonderful!

  24. This is such an unusual bug shot! I think you have overachieved when it comes to shooting at eye level!

  25. Hi grasshopper!! Super macro, Tammy!

  26. Every time I think you can’t beat the last nature shot, you present the next one! Honestly, National Geographic is missing someting in not publishing your work.

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