202. Orange


~ by Tammy on October 9, 2010.

18 Responses to “202. Orange”

  1. Great color

  2. Fantastic colour and texture! Is it a pumpkin?

  3. Great things in orange to the theme. Have a nice weekend.

  4. Love the flower shot – great DOF. Waiting to hear what the top photo is…it’s kind of spooky looking! :-O

  5. Yes, this is a pumpkin…would make for a great warty witch! 🙂 I have even been seeing some green ones.

  6. After yesterdays celebrating I would have thought you were seeing blue today!!!??? LOL

    Nice images Tammy!

  7. So that is what a Syster Pumkin looks like! Looks like a WoW of a Haloween!

  8. Amazing pumpkin!
    Wonderful shots.

  9. Warts and all on that pumpkin, huh? Love ghe way you’ve played up the orange on both images.

  10. Great photos!

  11. Love love! Wondering if a squirrel ate the corn. They go through ours so fast I did not even buy any this year. 😦

  12. Great color! Love the flowers- so pretty. That is one ugly looking, but very orange, pumpkin!

  13. Love all the shades of orange, red and brown this season – and the wonderful textures on the pumpkins and gourds.

  14. I love the way the flower seems to be mirrored by the one behind. And the contrast with the gray wall is great. Aren’t the colors of autumn beautiful?

  15. I like the depth of the photos and the colour. What kind of pumpkin is that??

  16. I like the textures of the orange oversized gourd and the maize corn together in the top photo. And the double mums with focus on the just the front one is very appealing. Nice seasonal oranges.

  17. Great examples of fall orange! Love the corn with most of the kernels gone!!

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