201. Fresh

Scott and I celebrated our 19th anniversary last Tuesday.  He brought me fresh roses and a new bird bath to go next to my feeder (in which I now have to fill w/ fresh water every few hours LOL).   I guess I will have to keep him for another 19+ years (or maybe I should rephrase that,I guess he will have to put up with me for another 19+ years)!  🙂


~ by Tammy on October 8, 2010.

19 Responses to “201. Fresh”

  1. Beautiful!!! And happy belated anniversary! Congrats!

  2. This is beautiful! Congrats on 19 years!

  3. Gorgeous red rose!

  4. Twenty yeaars is a life sentence and your going to increase it by double Warder Tammy LOL, You just have to feel for the poor soul. Congrats You Two, when will the Honeymoon be over??

  5. Congratulations on 19 years! The image of the rose is gorgeous!

  6. Ah, hope you had a wonderful anniversary! It sounds like your hubs is definitely a keeper and you two had a wonderful celebration! :0) Beautiful rose!!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you. I sounds like it was a lovely day.
    Lovely rose.

  8. gorgeous rose!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Happy anniversary! He’s a lucky guy! Beautiful shot to commemorate the day.

  10. a wonderful closeup showing the complexity of a rose. great color to 🙂 and lucky you having this loglasting relationship

  11. WoW!! Anniversary and now a Birthday what a lucky gal you are. Love the rose image, enjoy!!

  12. Fresh and very red! 😉

  13. Congratulations! It sounds like you’re both really in love, and that’s a beautiful and precious thing–well represented by your rose.

  14. Just beautiful! Congratulations on 19 year 🙂

  15. Spectacular….

  16. What a beautiful rose – and Happy Anniversary to you! We will be celebrating our 20th in December.

  17. Wonderful being brought right into that perfect rose. Hope you both are still celebrating.

  18. Happy Anniversary! Hope the cardinals are enjoying the birdbath and appreciating your efforts at keeping it watered 🙂

  19. Congratulations!!! And beautiful photo!

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