198. Tanner (Creative Exchange Week 2)

This is my nephew Tanner.  I wanted to do something different w/ his picture so I started playing.  I ended up using Redfield’s filter sketchmaster and played until I got some results I liked.  I then layered 3 textures from Shadowhouse Creations using the multitply and soft light blend modes.  Then in PSE8 I did some dodging, burning and erasing until I liked the finished product.  Lastly, I added his name with a bevel and slight shadow.  I liked the grungy effect I achieved.  Again Lisa, thanks for letting me play!  🙂   To see other creative exchanges or to join in on the fun, head over to Lisa’s White Cotton Tee Blog.


~ by Tammy on October 5, 2010.

17 Responses to “198. Tanner (Creative Exchange Week 2)”

  1. I love this Tammy!
    Cannot believe how much it looks like a beautiful drawing.
    Thank you for bringing it to The Creative Exchange.


  2. This is really amazing!

  3. Very nicely done. 🙂

  4. You are way better at editing than me. 🙂 I love this! Tanner is very handsome!

  5. Did you lose your coloured crayons, great sketch!

  6. What a great result! You are so creative!

  7. Wonderful effect and cute nephew!

  8. Nice work! Getting a good sketch effect is actually quite challenging; you’ve done a great job on it.

  9. wow! I would like to learn Photoshop properly

  10. Hi Tammy,
    This is awesome!! I love it. You did a great job with the effects. Have a great day!


  11. I sure like that sketch effect you’ve used and the textures add a whole other dimension to the portrait.

  12. Super processing of this handsome young man! It has kind of a worn denim look that I really like.

  13. This is great, Tammy. It looks like an artist’s drawing. Beautiful effect.

  14. My kids grew up with someone named Tanner. They are all grown up now.
    Your little nephew is only the second Tanner I’ve ever heard of.
    Like your processing – nice work.

  15. I love this creative side that you are showing us! It’s great processing.

  16. Your playing really paid off! This looks great, I think sketch effects are tricky and you’ve done a fine job on a fine looking kid.

  17. This is really good, it looks just like you have drawn the scetch with a pencil. Well done!

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