196. Macro Monday: Pine Cones

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~ by Tammy on October 4, 2010.

24 Responses to “196. Macro Monday: Pine Cones”

  1. Great macro shot! Like it!

  2. Great shot!

  3. Wonderful macro! Thanks for stopping by my site. Your photos are really great and I will be visiting often!

  4. What a wonderful photo!

  5. LOVE this!!! You’re got a great blog!

  6. I nearly forgot how great pine cones were for macros. Well done!

  7. I like your photo so much!! great shot

  8. I like the tones and colors used here; my daughter and I recently turned a pinecone into a birdfeeder with some peanut butter and seeds, though I think the squirrels got it!

  9. I really love this. Great photo

  10. beautiful, love the soft tones 🙂

  11. What a perfect fall shot.
    Love the sharpness from front to back.

  12. Beautiful. I love the colors.

  13. looks like fall– great macro. Thanks for visiting my mixed up mantis.

  14. a great macro!

  15. I guess I meant to put that comment here: I really like the golds and browns in this picture. There is so much texture. (Hihi – I am not used to wordpress.)

  16. Beautiful and very original macro !

  17. Wonderful composition & details.

  18. The only Cones I pine over are Ice Cream Cones.

  19. Awesome! I am wondering why the needles are dying though.

    • Actually the tree is not doing so well, but I thought the brown needles w/ the cones made for an interesting image.

  20. Great shot of some pretty pinecones! They are still on my picture-wishlist 😉 I love the contrast between the cones and the needles (though it isn’t a good sigh for the tree itself…). Thanks for visiting my mm-photo and leaving a comment!
    xx Monica

  21. Nice colors and details!

  22. Somehow I like the fact that the needles are yellow, not green. I think, perhaps, that it keeps it from looking like a Christmas card–and because it’s unexpected, it makes one pay more attention.

  23. So lste getting around to the macro shots this week but this is wonderful!
    Even though the needles aren’t green I still could see this as a Christmas postcard or tag!

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