195. “E” is for…


Egret  (a Great Egret)

Last July we went to Estes Park, Colorado…here is a view of Estes Park from the Stanley Hotel’s pool


To see other “E”‘s and to join in on the alphabet fun head on over to Barb’s blog


~ by Tammy on October 3, 2010.

21 Responses to “195. “E” is for…”

  1. Love the engine photo!

    cool one of the elk too.

  2. Lovely photos. I especially love the elk.

  3. So loving the train!! Wonderful light!!

  4. You have so many great E shots…I haven’t even thought about that yet!

  5. great examples of E except the elk. Very nice deers, that’s what it is 🙂

  6. Love the engine picture!

  7. Lovely choices, again!

  8. Excellent Examples!

  9. You have left the D out of deisel Electric Engines, and I thought you would use a bald Eagle, and I thought that you went parking at Estes was a private affair and don’t people of your E (I)lk usually shoot Moose? Great images regardless.

  10. love the engine photo, my boys would be totally jealous of that one

  11. Hi Tammy,
    Great pictures. The pool looks so refreshing. And the Elk are beautiful. Have a great day!


  12. I like the elk! How cool!

  13. These are gorgeous!

  14. I love the golds and browns in this picture. There is so much texture.

  15. lovely pine cone shot and the one of the birds has such wonderful detail too. Fun that you get to watch them.

  16. awwww, this reminds me of Christmas! amazing macro!

  17. Great shots for “E”! I love the one of the engine.

    Erika B

  18. When we went out to Estes we did not realize we were so close to the Stanley! I’m still disappointed that we didn’t visit it. Love your egret! My grandson would love your engine!

  19. Estes Park is such a lovely place!! Love the Engine shot!

  20. I like all your E photos, but the red Engine is my favorite. I like the perspective and the way it fills 2/3rds of the frame.

  21. Such great “E” photos. I went in search of Elk this past week and all I ended up with were BEARS. Thanks for sharing.

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