193. Translucent

Today was a beautiful afternoon, 70 degrees and sunny!  My  nephew Mikey kept busy outside blowing bubbles and giggling.  Would you consider these bubbles translucent or transparent?  If transparent wins, then I guess I will have to find a translucent image….but this was too cute not to put in a theme!


~ by Tammy on October 1, 2010.

16 Responses to “193. Translucent”

  1. It’s fabulous, Tammy. You have caught a precious childhood moment.

  2. I consider them Transcendental, Zen and the bubble blowing Bad Boy or somesuch!

  3. great photo no matter if it’s translucent 🙂 I wondered about the transparent theme but there is the whole month to find something so Ill keep my hopes up 😉 The Orange theme fits me perfect as Im on the harvest-festival on Öland (yes my third time there this year…) and I will have a problem choosing the right one so I might show a selection

  4. Hiya,
    Both in my view,
    Transparent baubly bubbles and translucent green bits between the trees in the background. (Or is it a gate). I understand translucent to mean giving back some light as well as letting it through.
    Oh the vagaries of language 🙂
    Lovely image of a lovely lad.

  5. First of all it is apperent that this needs to be posted no matter what the theme, great image!

    The bubbles are transparent and they are catching the light, so I`m sitting on the fence??

  6. I love it!! Doesn’t matter to me – translucent, transparent. I always marvel how something as simple as bubbles can amuse adult and child alike. I love the pattern the bubbles are making – like a “C”. But, you have a special moment frozen in time.

  7. Honestly, you’ve given me something to wonder about, as I just don’t know, but this image is great, and I’m thinking that is what matters most!!

  8. Great fun to capture some bubbles!

  9. Very cute shot Tammy – what is it about bubbles that attract children and adults alike! Love the shape of his little mouth, adorable.

  10. Whose gonna quibble? This is all about being a kid in the summertime and the pleasure to be had in the ephemeral.

  11. Perfect moments of childhood! Both words work but I like your choice. 🙂

  12. how sweet 🙂 looks like you both had fun.

  13. A classic image of fun, what a cutie! i think both words apply.

  14. I especially love this one, Tammy! Such a free and easy expression on his face and the bubbles are so perfect!

  15. Kids, bubbles – what else can I one want. What a fun image!

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