186. Used

This old barn has definitely been used….but that is part of it’s charm!


~ by Tammy on September 21, 2010.

13 Responses to “186. Used”

  1. Check out Jerry Jones’ blog today – he has some great textures that seem like they were made for this photo…


    • LOL Val…I’m a step ahead of you…already have several I like downloaded..just playing to see what I like best…when I decide, I will post it! Too funny when great minds think alike! 🙂

  2. That roof and those walls would give you more texture shots than you could use in a month of Sundays! But use your zoom lens, I wouldn’t go tooooo close!Great image.

  3. Well used I’d say, what a lovely image. Good hand with the processing.

  4. Definitely is used and charming! Even the grass looks somewhat used. 🙂

  5. Used and still standing! Makes me think of my dad, since he always had to stop and look at old farm buildings like this one. Though, I don’ think that he was romanticizing the times as much as wondering how he could his hands on all those weathered boards.

  6. old and goodlooking isn’t that what we all want to be 😉

  7. Beautiful barn with a gorgeous roofline. Great colors!

  8. Awesome barn with a different perspective!! Nice processing too!

  9. I love those old barns. I go out looking for some to photograph once in a while.

  10. very inteersting…were u in the car?
    photo in movment?
    nice day, tammy

  11. I love photographing old barn. One of those thing that I have to do before they are no more.

  12. Good job with the processing. Need yo capture these old barns before they are all gone.

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