184. Macro Monday: Chameleon

A Panther Chameleon to be exact…he just dropped down to check me out and say hi!

To join in on the Macro Monday fun, head on over to Lisa’s Chaos


~ by Tammy on September 20, 2010.

15 Responses to “184. Macro Monday: Chameleon”

  1. This is absolutely fascinating! Look at those colors! He does seem to blend with the background as hinted in the bokeh. Your choice to take a macro shot of this is perfect.

  2. Fabulous! The colors are so vivid and capturing him as a macro works really well. We don’t need to see all of him!

  3. Love the color of this shot!! Fantastic job!!

  4. awesome job!
    great colors you’ve captured

  5. Yikes! Did you say ‘hi’ back?

  6. Wonderful details and colors you’ve captured!

  7. Hiya Tammy,
    Where does this beastie come from? Doesn’t live outdoors, does it? I thought they were tropical.
    Glorious picture, with so many colours. Did you ever see one change colour before your eyes?

    • He is from the Madagascar…you are right tropical. This particular guy lives in our Madagascar exhibit at our zoo.

      I have seen him change colors…matter a fact, on the day I took this he went from all colorful and green to all colorful and brown in a matter of seconds…very cool!

  8. What were you wearing that made him change to those colours, you old tie dyed Hippy you Paisley forever.

  9. Oh my! Fabulous detail!!

  10. Wow! Fantastic coloration and detail!

  11. He’s totally awesome!!!

  12. Nice DOF and some awesome colors too!

  13. Wow, that’s about as close as I’d like. Great macro, Tammy.

  14. What colors! Great detail!

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