183. Isolation

Surrounded by gorgeous roses, this is the last bud I see on my rose bush…must mean Autumn is coming in fast!  Soon my bush will be a fading memory…


~ by Tammy on September 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “183. Isolation”

  1. The last rose of summer! Sounds like the title of a sad romance. We are beginning to see color in the trees here in new England. Summer is definitely on the way out. Since Fall is my favorite season, I don’t mind.

  2. Nice bohek Tammy!

  3. So pretty. Wonderful bokeh…

  4. You guys have all the luck with the color changes in the seasons, here we always seem to go from summer straight into winter. One day it is still in the 90`s and the next we freezing our butts off. LOL

  5. Aah, the last gasp!

  6. Tammy
    nice macro shotcongrats
    have a nice sunday, tammy

  7. a wonderful rose in perfect solitude. Im enjoying the last ones in my garden right now

  8. Jens is right about our climate changes!! This bud looks like it will be a beauty, though. Love the simplicity.

  9. So gorgeous, hope it has time to fully bloom. Hard to miss that wonderful bokeh!

  10. I concur with all of the comments on the beautiful bokeh in this image. Really help the beauty of the bud to stand out. Too bad the summer is coming to end.

  11. If you hand this beauty on the wall, summer will last just a little longer. Beautiful colors, clarity and bokeh.

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