182. Debris

Monday brought strong storms through our area!   Although this little storage house was full of debris, it is now surrounded by debris as well.  The strong winds brought down tree branches, notice the roof!  About a mile from this location there were several silos down and a roof off of a building.  I could get no where near these location due to closed roads.


~ by Tammy on September 16, 2010.

11 Responses to “182. Debris”

  1. Looks like some of the parties we used to have back in kollege, when you wore that punk hair do, Karen her Kaftan Ensemble, I had hair and the Wild Turkey flowed like a river.

  2. It does look a little tipsy! Or maybe I’ve had too much of the WT as well.
    You’ve captured the special dappled green that shows up under trees along with the debris.

  3. Certainly at this point a fixer upper right Tammy!

  4. Oh my. Hope this isn’t one of the properties you had for sale! :-O

  5. oh my… why do we love to take pictures of things falling apart at the seams?? I have a picture of a funny old barn with barely any walls … see through walls… and the cows were flocked all around it!! so funny… a bit far away…but a fun shot anyhow! 😉

  6. Interesting ruin, Tammy! That would make a great HDR.e

  7. What no hiking boots?? Very disapointing. Nice debris pile though.

  8. Wow, scary! This little shed looks like it has been through the mill. The power of nature can sure make you feel small. Nice capture.

  9. You’ve made the debris very pretty – not sure if it’s your post-processing or the light but the scene is quite appealing to me despite the mess.

  10. Fixer upper is right! LOL! Certainly a good image of debris. The power of weather is truly scary.

  11. Lovely greens in this, looks like the next storm will make the shed itself into debris.

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