181. Monochrome

A typical Nebraska scene….again, processed in Lightroom 2.


~ by Tammy on September 15, 2010.

12 Responses to “181. Monochrome”

  1. Cool! I like your perspective and composition and how it makes the structure seem small and almost inconsequential in comparison to the endless field of corn. And the toning is really neat too. Well done….

  2. Ditto on Julie’s comments! The monochrome really brings out the isolation. Great mood photo. I understand Lightroom and Aperture work along the same concepts… after PSE it is such a different way to think… I too am starting to feel really comfortable with Aperture. It is so powerful once you “get it.”

  3. I wasn’t going to comment here since you turned it into a “Pre-Oz Dorothy’s Kansas” shot, even though the Barn Ship on the Sea of Green grass would have been better, But then I read that you paid good money for Lantana Weed and I felt sorry for you! LOL

  4. I love your toning and perspective too. It does a bit of that odd green color of tornado weather. Catching up, looks like you and LR are getting along just fine!

  5. Like Ellen said….tornado weather. I saw that green front coming right at us in Minnesota!

  6. Interesting colors in that toning preset – and great perspective to give us hilly New Englanders a feel for those wide flat mid-western spaces.

  7. Very moody!!

  8. Beautiful composition and color.

  9. I love the processing color and the composition of this shot, Tammy! What a typically rustic shot for your neck of the woods. Very iconic!!

  10. You did a great creating a mood with the use of monochrome. You must be having a great time with Lightroom 2!

  11. the fields of Nebraska are alien to my Eastern eyes–but there is clearly a beauty that seems stark to me. Your photo captures the image I have after driving through your state.

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