179. “B” is for….

is for….


a mountain BlueBird

and finally my favorite…my ball of fur Bogy

To join in on the Weekly Alphabet challenge, go to Barb’s blog for details.


~ by Tammy on September 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “179. “B” is for….”

  1. Birdhouse: Needs refurbishing!
    BlueBird: Hey Mr BlueBird on my Smelly thing, It’s the truth it’s actual, everything is Satisfactual!
    Bogy: Her’s looking at You, Kid!

  2. Nice “B” photos! Jon would like your bluebird! 🙂

  3. Your “B” photos get an “A” in my book! I really love he bluebird – such beautiful color in the feathers. And your ball of fur is aptly named.

  4. These are gorgeous! I nearly used our birdhouse, too.

  5. All three of your “Bs” are well done. Nice texture in the birdhouse, nice clarity (and pose) of the blue bird and such a warm, cute photo of Bogy. I need to stop working and get out and get my Bs done!

  6. love the blue bird and bird house and well just all of them you have a great share here.

  7. Great “B” photos! Love the expression on the dog!

  8. They are all so beautiful. My vote goes to puppy dog. He is so precious.

  9. Love your three “B’s”. The bluebird is such a nice angle and Bogy is all decked out. This alphabet thing is fun.

  10. Beautiful pictures! love the bird house shot!! love it! I am hoping to post some B pictures tomorrow! visiting from the blog hop! 😉

  11. Love your bird shot! Also, Bogy is super cute!

  12. Great photos…love your puppy!


  13. a lovely trio, to pick a fave has to be your cute fellow Bogey, but the bluebird is very nice too, we don’t have those here.

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