176. Trapped

Yesterday we got the tail end of the tropical storm so it rained and misted all day.  These raindrops never made it to the ground, they got trapped in a web.


~ by Tammy on September 11, 2010.

18 Responses to “176. Trapped”

  1. That’s so unusual! It almost looks like a leopard-skin raindrop pattern. I love the light and the texture.

  2. are them drplets?great

  3. That is terrific, Tammy! Good eye to see it, great execution!

  4. Mesmerizing image! Well done!

  5. Love the abstract look of this Tammy!

  6. If that is the tail, the body must have been a gusher! Wonderful texture in this!

  7. This is SO interesting! They look like sugar crystals. Great eye to see this!

  8. That is amazing Tammy. Great capture!!

  9. Astonishing, really. Might make a nice texture overlay too…

  10. Beautiful. Looks so cool enlarged! I agree it would make an excellent texture. Wonderful clarity.

  11. wonderful and what a pattern the drps make. Would never have guessed what it was … 😉

  12. Beautiful design. A very creative subject matter.

  13. Beautiful! One of the great things for me about photography is what you notice and see that most people never seem to notice.

  14. The most fantastic image of water drops in a web I have ever seen.

  15. This makes me want to go looking for spider webs with a spray bottle! I never would have guessed the subject of the photo.

  16. What an eye you have! Fantastic!

  17. Very cool image!

  18. If you hadn’t had noted this was raindrops on a spiderweb, I’d never have known it–the geometry is fascinating.

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