175. “A” is for Asters

Now that Autumn is almost here, my Asters are beginning to bloom.  A is for Asters.

To join in on the Weekly Alphabet challenge, go to Barb’s blog for details.


~ by Tammy on September 10, 2010.

16 Responses to “175. “A” is for Asters”

  1. I love asters (of course…they are purple!) and this is a very nice image of them!

  2. I always like purple with green… nice use of dof here, too! And your A gets an A.

  3. Your Astors, boy you must be rich to own such a world famous faimily as the Astors!

  4. Asters is autumn for me. I love your nice photo. Maybe I’ll go and buy a pot on the market today …

  5. So beautiful! Our asters aren’t blooming yet. I love the deep purple color and the depth of field in this photo.

  6. Mesmerizing image! Well done!

  7. This is image is great, it truly is, but I intended the mesmerizing comment for your spider web image.

  8. Wonderful contrast in this Tammy.

  9. Beautiful! And I like your embellishment too….

  10. Just lovely, Tammy! I love asters and haven’t had them in years. Love this alphabet theme!

  11. Love you “A” and I love Asters. Thanks for playing along and I look forward to see more of the alphabet.

  12. grat color and do you know – I have exactly the same blooming in my garden right now 🙂

  13. Those are beautiful, Tammy! The colors are so rich & I like the way you focused on the one flower. Plus, love the way you snuck the A in there.

  14. Love the colors of the asters! Beautiful image.

  15. very pretty and so autumnal to see these.

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