174. Structure

Over the weekend we went for a ride and I made my husband pull over so that I could get this shot….for some reason I was really drawn to this structure.

I processed this in PSE8 using the orton effect.

Here is the original per Judy’s request.


~ by Tammy on September 7, 2010.

17 Responses to “174. Structure”

  1. I think one of the things that makes this structure so interesting is that it only has the one opening; one door, no windows (except maybe a vent at the top). Very interesting. I would like to see this without the Orton effect so that I can understand the benefit of the technique.

    • I feel so selfish asking you to do that but I can see that all you choices have really added up to great processing… and I can see that you did more than just do the Orton effect. I guess I’m still unclear as to the benefit of the Orton effect but maybe if I try it on a photo myself, I’ll “get” it. Thanks, Tammy!

  2. You were drawn to it because it’s awesome! Love it!

  3. WoW headquarters, is an impressive structure, I recognized it from the Belfry, where you keep the bats. I knew you had bats in your belfry!

  4. So beautiful! Great processing!
    Interesting building. Is it a barn?

  5. sure interesting building I like the composition and, you know me, I like the original πŸ™‚

  6. Lovely old barn that benefited from your processing. The whole image is brighter and softer, but the wonderful textures are still in the wood. Nice!

  7. I see why…it is super special. Great conversion!

  8. Great processing and an interesting subject too.

  9. I like playing around with photos, too. I can see that you worked this over very well, bringing out the details.

  10. lovely shot and processing, a hen house?

  11. The stone foundation is really interesting to me. It is a fine structure and probably had many uses. We had a few buildings on our old ranch that were like that. One was a grainery and one was a bunk house. You photographed the essence of the era in this shot!

  12. The Orton effect really enhances this photo of the barn – those weathered structures are really fun.

  13. I can see why you liked this barn. Did your hubby go ‘yawn’ when you asked him to stop? πŸ˜‰ I really like your Orton work here but I’m glad Judi asked for the original. I know a lot of times I use effects of one type or another to mask poor images but it is clear that is not what you did here. The original is a cracker of a shot and just needs a bit of basic work in LR to bring it to life. Well done!

  14. The Orton effect really brings out the character of the barn. I like the softness and warmth it gives.

  15. I like the processing too, great shape to the barn and I find the vent on top interesting, cool shape to it.

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