172. Sentimental

Some sentimental moments between mother and 2 month old son…


~ by Tammy on September 5, 2010.

15 Responses to “172. Sentimental”

  1. EYE YAN JEALOUS (In Spades)

  2. TAMMY,

  3. These pictures could be very nice in the WWF commercial campain for save tigers in the world. I like this very much and I like u too:-)

  4. These are excellent photos. Such a playful baby and patient mother. Do you ever try to sell your photos?

    • You are way too nice Judy…I guess I never think my pics are good enough to sell….but I do have a lot in frames…I love taking animal shots!

  5. Again such fabulous shots! I don’t want to nag but I really think you ought to talk with the zoo fundraisers about using some of your work.

  6. Very nice shots, Tammy

  7. Too cute!!! And I agree with Ellen – you have some marvelous zoo photos and they should be postcards, or posters, or billboards….

  8. You picked a heart-touching moment here. Moms are moms all over the planet.

  9. These are wonderful, Tammy! I especially love that first portrait oriented one. What super interaction you captured between mother and child. Outstanding! Show them to the folks at the zoo!

  10. Adorable! A heart-warming “ooh” and “ahh” sequence.

  11. So sweet! The mother-son relationship seems the same across the species,doesn’t it?

  12. Beautiful images of the tigers. I don’t often think of wild animals as being sentimental. These photos put that in a whole new light.

  13. […] had a contest at our zoo to name the  baby tiger cub I featured in these posts:   Massive and Sentimental.   Well, the winning name is Isabella…doesn’t that fit this cutie!  Look how much […]

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