171. Poverty

We have a small homeless population that uses our downtown Gene Leahy Mall Park to sleep!  I always hate seeing this scene, but on the up side, at least it is summer and not winter!


~ by Tammy on September 4, 2010.

19 Responses to “171. Poverty”

  1. Another George Bush success story.

  2. Thank you for posting this. It’s not all flowers and stuff. These are the things most of the world try not to see.

  3. Tough subject to photograph. I like how you include the door in this photo… it’s so close yet impossible for this man. And the shoe that has fallen from his small, neat pile. At first I though that the photo should be cropped closer to the door, but when I tried it, it may the door too close the man. It’s better the way it is since it adds to its “distance.”
    I also like the overgrown grass in the stairs… not only the man is neglected but this is a neglected part of town, thus easier to neglect this man. And B&W was on the only choice for this somber photo. Excellent job, Tammy.

    • Thanks Judy…I had a hard time cropping this image too…I tried several versions but ended up w/ this…didn’t want to get too close to the man.

  4. A charged image that really tells about people’s lives here and one of them. That he is a staircase which says who is in the social scale. That he is in the shade, and reinforces the impression that the picture is black and white. Very good!

  5. Sad, tough!

  6. Wonderful, moody shot of a sad truth about life in today’s rough economy.

  7. Awesome shot that has so much to say, Tammy. Simple processing really lets the image speak. Really nice work, girl!

  8. Your image speaks volumes and conveys the isolation and present hopelessness of your subject. The processing Is perfect. It shouts about the man’s condition. It reminds me of what an old pastor of mine used to say “we see the bum in the street. God sees how he/she got there.

  9. An addendum to my earlier comment-that lone shoe just emphasizes the man”s plight. The lone, lonely shoe without a mate or place.

  10. great compositin that we find, sad to say, in so many places around the world


  12. Gosh – this ought to have a photojournalism tag. Nicely presented and so universal, sadly.

  13. The subject can be found in big cities and smaller communities. There is a lot of controversy in our little town about how to take care of the homeless. Of course, many of the homeless people do not want to be taken care of. It seems that anything that is done has the federal/state injected into the scenario. You have told the basic story here in one snap….

  14. The lone shoe is what struck me – wondering if he’s using the other as a pillow or if there even is another one, and thinking that no matter how down and out he is, he’s still managed to line his footwear up next to his “bed.”

  15. Oh so sweet!

  16. It was thew lion I meant of course…Sorry!

  17. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  18. Everything about this picture is so sad. The b&w processing is perfect for the mood of the image. Wonderfully done. But sad, so sad.

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