169. Linear, Round, Swirly, & Angled

Just realized it was almost Friday and I forgot to post my Friday tip scavenger hunt pictures.  These are all from my vacation…still slowly sifting through them…




and finally, Angled:


~ by Tammy on September 2, 2010.

9 Responses to “169. Linear, Round, Swirly, & Angled”

  1. great! the biches look great and the last one… hoe he was not stuck there, strange fence

  2. Thank god your colour came back after taking those Lodgepole trees, because the rest of the photos are a splendid array!

  3. Great collection! That little deer needs to eat some french fries and chub up for the winter!

  4. All those met the criteria…love the deer…

  5. I especially love the trees. Val is right, that is a too skinny deer crossing that rustic fence.

  6. Nice collection, I like the water shot best…makes for a nice abstract.

  7. I really like seeing this collection together – it’s a fun way to see how the elements of the scavenger hunt play together to come up with an interesting series.

  8. The image of the trees is just awesome!!

  9. A very nice collection of photos to show the scavenger pictures. I like the birches a lot. We don’t seem to have a lot in our area.

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