167. Clustered

The Thunderbirds were in town last weekend to perform at the airshow….they performed many stunts in a cluster.


~ by Tammy on September 1, 2010.

9 Responses to “167. Clustered”

  1. Wow! Great captures Tammy!

  2. Listen I know Thunderbirds are go, but you really shouldn’t give away the locality of “International Rescue”, what would Lady Penelope think? They do seem a close knit group though don’t they.

  3. Hey Tammy, you got this month off with high flying colors!!

  4. Love the first one Tammy!

  5. They totally amaze with their abilities to maneuver! Nice shots!!

  6. Aren’t they wonderful?! I love the clarity and the clouds in the second one in particular. Nice shooting!!

  7. Oh…NICE!! Fab formations!

  8. Great shots! I like the way you caught them in action as a group, along with their smoke. Just gives an added dimension. 🙂

  9. These are wonderful. I especially like the image with the planes coming out of the clouds.

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