166. Faces

I went to the zoo to see the new tiger cubs, but bad timing….they were sound asleep and out of sight.  I did run across these beautiful faces, but the white tiger pulled a Ryan and Corey on me and stuck out his tongue…I just can’t win!  🙂

My good friend got a new addition to her family….meet Barkley!  Sidney, the Austraian Shepard didn’t know what to think of Barkley (perhaps dog food?)   LOL


~ by Tammy on August 31, 2010.

15 Responses to “166. Faces”

  1. That’s so cat with the tongue. Out little guys do that all the time. I’ve seen it on lions and leopards too.

  2. You’re crazy the White Tiger is the best shot cause it shows what she thinks of photographers, the standard Siberian though seems to give the impression that you would be a tasty morsel, crazy or not! So hard with Black (or white) animals, I couldn’t tell if it is a kitten or pup, Sidney seems as confused but his face says “Don’t worry I’ll look after it”!

    • Barkley is an eight week old pekingese pup! Sidney is so funny with him….she thinks she is his mom! While having coffee w/ my friend we thought we lost the pup in the house somewhere…we looked for what seemed like forever, and he ended being cuddled up on the top of Sidney in her hair…they match perfectly LOL

  3. Great – even the tigers aren’t cooperating! LOL – are you sure it wasn’t one of Ron’s spies sending you a message? That little ball of fluff is adorable.

  4. The white tiger definitely looks like he has an attitude!! You probably caught his real personality best!
    Barkley is a sweetie. Our Aussie probably wouldn’t be too thrilled either!! LOL Darling faces, all.

  5. Beautiful tigers – especially the sassy white one!!

  6. Barkley is so precious! I love Mr White Tiger’s tongue, lol.

  7. Beautiful dogs and amazing cubs.
    Looks like they are posing for a portrait.
    Great captures.

  8. Your tiger faces are amazing! I actually like the white tiger with his toungue sticking out- it makes it unique!

  9. wonderful tigers, big cats attracts me
    the pup is gorgeous, what breed is it?
    the australian shepherd is goodlooking but the my daugther got one and that is my fav 😉 besides my sheltie ofcourse

  10. That puppy shot wins it hands down. He is just so precious.

  11. Quite an assortment of faces…they are all winners!

  12. What wonderful faces! Once again you have made such fine animal images, do you talk to them or hypnotize them or what?

  13. what a cute puppy 🙂

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