163. Athletic

We are back into the club soccer season….although this is not the best picture I have ever taken I think it shows off Corey’s athletic abilities…look at that jump he did to head a ball!  Every time he does this I pray he doesn’t break his leg again!  LOL   I wish I would have gotten the ball in the pic, but as usual, just a second too late!


~ by Tammy on August 29, 2010.

11 Responses to “163. Athletic”

  1. I know I wouldn’t come down safely even if I were able to jump that high! Great capture, Tammy….

  2. We know the ball is there because the players are looking at it! I think you’ve done well just catching this amazing jump. I also like how the players are off center so that you can see the net and thus another clue as to what is going on in the photo.

  3. Wow – springs for legs!!

  4. Proud (worried) Mum strikes again with another great action shot (Cutting her son eff at the knee) And it seems that he is in attack against those two defenders, a total commitment. Beautiful.

  5. It’s a fun action shot! I loved when my kids played!

  6. Great shot! It sure does show athleticism! Your son really puts his all into it! The jump really is the focus of the shot, so the ball isn’t necessary. Hopefully, he will stay in one piece for the season.

  7. A great action shot, the ball is implied. This is such a fine capture. Hoping for an injury free season for both those guys.

  8. Wow – great action shot and they sure did cooperate by donning those colorful uniforms too.

  9. Corey has an amazing vertical leap!! Your photo really lets him shine. Great action shot.


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