162. Relax!

Hope you have time to relax and enjoy the beauty which surrounds you today!


~ by Tammy on August 28, 2010.

12 Responses to “162. Relax!”

  1. Great shot and title.

  2. OK – I thought that was a CHOCOLATE RABBIT and got all hungry… 😉

  3. Just like the rabbits on my property, always eating my flowers…that doesn’t relax me:{

  4. Now I know why their noses twitch, Smelly Things. Lay back and eat the flowers.

  5. Oh me too me too! Love the red!! Of course I love the bunny!!!

  6. That salvia is red! I’m glad Chloe didn’t see this, that might be a bunny she could catch.

  7. Lovely colored flowers and the rabbit, I prefer this so much more than the live ones running around eating a lot in gardens.
    and yes, yesterday it was bright and sunny so i sat outside with my neighbour for a long time. Just sitting in the sun, talking and… her husband served us a nice glass of rose-wine, very relxed afternoon. today its all wet as it’s been raining all night, 34 millimeter if that says anything to you 😉

  8. He’s just soaking in that sun! Nice contrast of colors and texture.

  9. Thanks for the nice thoughts. You do realize that I thought it was a chocolate bunny when I first saw it. Then I realized it was not. 😦 But, very pretty anyway.

  10. What a kind sentiment and photo. The bunny looks as though he is saying “ahhhhhhh”. Reminds us all to take a breath and see the big picture. Thanks Tammy!

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