161. Morning Light

I loved the way the morning light made these bright colors shine….they just screamed “take a picture of me”!  Wish my kids would do that!  🙂  Have a fantastic Friday everyone!


~ by Tammy on August 27, 2010.

17 Responses to “161. Morning Light”

  1. What terrific vibrant colors against that soft background.

  2. Beautiful, Tammy! They do seem to be lifting themselves up so people can see them. I love the perspective you chose.

  3. Hi Tammy,
    Beautiful flowers and the color on them is awesome. Have a great day!


  4. Very nice!

  5. Such lovely colours, great capture.

  6. Lovely colours a rainy day 🙂 That was just what I needed right now. Hope you´ll have a nice weekend!

  7. these are gorgeous!

  8. What vibrant color………..

  9. Is it only the colourful flowers that talk to you Tammy, just lay back relax, Dr Ron will help you through theses delusions! _ Now repeat after me, “They are just Smelly things – They are just Smelly things”!

  10. I’m glad you listened, Tammy. they’re beautiful. The colors are so rich!

  11. Yes indeed! They are so vibrant! Pretty!!!

  12. those colors are just stunning!

  13. Cheery enough to maybe almost be able to see them before coffee. You popped them from the background so well.

  14. Beautiful colors. I bet your boys won’t be nearly that cheerful when you try to capture their pics in the early morning light as they head off to their first day of school again!

  15. Beautiful details. Great shot!

  16. These colors are breathtaking- love this shot!

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