159. Flight

Balloons were flying high last night….Panda Express opened here in Papillion within a mile of my house!   I have one very happy husband and two very happy boys…it’s their favorite fast food!


~ by Tammy on August 25, 2010.

17 Responses to “159. Flight”

  1. Are you selling used cars now Tammy, that looks like escaped bunting from the Panda Express Caryard. Now you can use my favourite saying “Trust me I’m a Used Car Salesman”!

  2. I’m excited. Are you going to buy us all lunch soon?

  3. The balloon pic looks like a really cool graphic drawing. Minimalist and magnificent!

  4. What a lovely photo, nicely composed.

  5. They look very cheerful!

  6. Nicely framed, I don’t know the chain but I love the graphic quality of this too.

  7. A great photo for the theme. I like the ballons stringed together and only the sky above. Not that I know what Panda express is I’m glad, it might save you from cooking from time to time 😉

  8. great shot…tammy..I will fly ba ballon in Africa..hahahahhahaha
    let me know if i will get good shots..congrats

    havea nice day

    Ah..the friend marina,photographer…the police did not find her…

  9. Great balloon shot. I read the caption in Google Reader before the photo opened and I thought it would be hot air balloons…but I like these better, almost, because they are unexpected.

  10. Less than a mile? Uh oh-you’re in trouble! They won’t even need the car to get there. 🙂

  11. I can see them heading for that orange chicken now!! Sounds and looks like a celebration is in order!

  12. Hmm, what is Panda express? Great shot.

  13. I had the same experience as Grace and was pleasantly surprised, too! I think this shot also covers the theme “primary colors.”

  14. I love the lines of the balloon chain.

  15. Nice touch of colour – active and fun on the diagonal.

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