157. Parts

After a long hot hike, there is nothing like cooling your feet in a Colorado river….look how clear that water is!


~ by Tammy on August 23, 2010.

23 Responses to “157. Parts”

  1. This is a neat image! Certainly do not need to see any more than this to relate to the experience. The water is so inviting.

  2. Oh yeah!! The water is so amazing there…and COLD, too!!

  3. That looks as easy as falling off a log, come on in the waters fine!

  4. Looks so inviting!!

  5. Love cooling the toes in water. Ahhh.

  6. Is their a matching pair on the other end of the log ready to push this pair in? 😉

  7. Nothing better is right! Especially after all that hiking….nice shot!

  8. Great shot! Cooling after hiking is amazing.

  9. Nice shot!
    and thanks for your nice comments on my drawings in my other blog. I am a little curious though, how come you can read Swedish? Hiking along the Colorado river sounds like great fun. Maybe one day I get to see it with my own eyes 🙂

  10. Neat picture!!!
    Right about now, with record breaking temps….Colorado…anywhere in Colorado mtns, sounds pretty good! What river is this? Do you recall?

  11. funny how we always abandon our feet, about time someone noticed. 🙂

  12. Awesome photo..I would dip my feet in that cool water too..

  13. Ooooo, I would love to put my feet in there!

  14. Hi Tammy,
    That water looks good enough to drink. WOW! Don’t find that many places now days. Love your butterfly picture, so colorful. Have a great day!


  15. Oh yeah! I would dip my toes in there! What fun!

  16. You’re absolutely right about cool stream water feeling good. Bet the hike was good too.

  17. Clear, but cold!!!! Great perspective and super cute picture.

  18. Great image – lots of colors and layers of texture in the image. And capturing just the feet was brilliant! It reminds me that sometimes a small slice tells the whole story better.

  19. What a perfect slice of a summer hike. Could a trout bite his toes?

  20. I can feel the cool water on my toes!

  21. It’s all about summer!

  22. Nice layers of lines with the horizonatal water, shoreline and log intersected by the legs.

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