156. Macro Monday: Butterfly Kisses

There is no 100’s in this image, but I had at least 100 butterflies in the butterfly house to choose from….does that count??  🙂

To join in on the Macro Monday fun go to the blog Lisa’s Chaos and post your link via Mr Linky.   A special congrats out to Lisa….this is her 100th Macro Monday post.


~ by Tammy on August 22, 2010.

49 Responses to “156. Macro Monday: Butterfly Kisses”

  1. Is it Monday in Nebraska already? I like your detail – what is that round thing in his mouth? Is that his tongue?

    • Thank goodness it is still Sunday here! I have a big morning at work tomorrow and was afraid I wouldn’t have time to post!

      Yea, that round thing is his tongue…I never noticed that until I started taking pics of butterflies…kinda weird, huh?

  2. What a beauty.

  3. The round thing is his proboscis an extendable tube, Darwin got ridiculed for saying that somewhere in the New Guinea jungle was a Moth or Butterfly with a foot and a half long proboscus, but he could never prove it just had a flower with an 18 inch bulb that prompted the comment, The HawkbillMoth with the 18 inch provoscus was photographed near the turn of the century!

    • how interesting…never knew what it was called…I just figured it was his tongue since that is what I always see it extending out to the flower…now excuse me, I am going to google proboscis… 🙂

      • Isn’t it good that even those who can’t get decent butterfly shots, can teach those who can, something new! LOL

      • Hmmmm….as I recall not long ago…you had some great butterfly shots (and at least you know what you are shooting) LOL

  4. Just found your blog — your photos are amazing and beautiful — I will be back often : )

  5. Exquisite!!! Really!!!

  6. OK – now I’ll be humming that song… 😛

    Nice photo!!

  7. Gorgeous closeup!

  8. Wow! A great photo. I love it. Perfect I must say:-)

  9. Great picture! It’s not always easy to get such a clear shot when they flutter about flower to flower

  10. Great photo- butterfly tongues are fascinating.

  11. Terrific details!

  12. It’s always interesting seeing all details not visible to the eye( at least not mine 😉 ) when shooting MAcros

  13. beautiful shot

  14. Wonderful shot!

  15. I love the way the proboscis makes a little nose ring.

  16. Wow! Absolutely gorgeous! Plus, you caught him with his “tongue” curled up into his mouth! Nice detail!

  17. I’m sure it does! I had no hundreds in my post either.

    That’s a lovely butterfly – I’ve never seen one like that. 🙂

  18. Of course it counts. 🙂 I love him! I love how he has little stripes and dots but mostly plain. Very pretty!

  19. so lovely~

  20. What a beauty! Love the colors & it’s so pretty!

  21. Beautiful capture!!!

  22. Lovely!

  23. Beautiful butterfly macro!

  24. A beauty! Great capture.

  25. Amazing!

  26. What a beutiful Butterfly !
    Great capture !

  27. Tammy that is a stunner of a butterfly – I would love to get to a butterfly house to capture some unusual ones too.

  28. Gorgeous Butterfly and great macro.

  29. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thought I’d drop by yours. Great pics. You said you had many butterflys to choose from and I wonder if you’ve ever seen an Owl Butterfly. I have one further down in my blogs if you are interested in seeing one. It’s awesome, actually looks like an owl’s eye in the trees.

    • I would love to see your owl butterfly, except when I click to go to your blog I get an error….hope you see this! 🙂

  30. Beautiful butterfly and beautiful photo. You did an amazing job.

  31. Wonderful shot with his rolled up proboscis!
    Torn and tattered he is still beautiful.

  32. that´s a beauty. 🙂

  33. Wonderful photo…you caught the damages to his wings and the long black lines of his legs beautifully.

  34. I love it when the butterflies have their tongues all curled up! Great capture! Where do you go to take photographs of butterfly’s? Is there a play close by to where you live? Thanks for stopping by my site!

    • Very nice. Sounds like a wonderful butterfly house! We have a free zoo about 10 minutes up the road that has a butterfly house in the shape of a caterpillar, but we’re moving in a week! I’m going to make sure to stop by at least one more time before I move!

      • No, we’re moving 3 hours NW to lake country! Next time you are in the Cities make sure to stop by Como Zoo, it’s an amazing free zoo in the area….small, but still very good.

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  36. That’s such an incredible capture.

  37. Wonderful photo of that beauty…Happy Monday!

  38. What a beautiful photograph. Butterflies are not the easiest of creatures to capture.

  39. Beautiful butterfly..So graceful looking..

  40. So the amazing tongue unfurls to get to the nectar I guess. this is so fine Tammy

  41. and he’s the lucky guy huh? he’s very handsome!

  42. How did I miss this one? Great shot, Tammy!

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